Inflammation (CRP) Test


Inflammation (CRP) Test


  • Check levels of inflammation in your body with this simple test
  • Identify risk of damage or deterioration in your body that you may not be aware of
  • Risk marker for heart disease, stroke, chronic conditions and infections


Test Your Inflammation (CRP) At Home To Improve Your Health

Find out if inflammation is hurting your health, and what steps you can take to reduce it with these simple steps

Inflammation is often associated with something you can see, like an insect bite, a cut or an allergic reaction. There may be pain, redness, swelling, or itching, and you may feel unwell as a result. Inflammation may also be going on for a long time that you cannot see. Inflammation that persists over a longer period of time can cause hidden damage and deterioration.

The Inflammation (CRP) Test is a quick and easy way to test for inflammation in the body. By using our home-to-laboratory finger-prick blood test, you will get your results within 5 days. This test can help you detect and monitor inflammation, and provides lifestyle guidance if your results are unacceptable, or if changes are required.