Liann Lamptey

Certified Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

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Liann is a Child & Brain Development Nutritional Advisor. She has a passion for children and their physical and mental well-being. Her expertise and knowledge were birthed from a first-hand experience she had lived.

Keen on her continuous professional development, she took a course on child brain and development. While at it, She was able to acknowledge her mistakes during the course of her youngest son’s pregnancy. She was barely eating and her food choices were poor, this resulted in her son’s picking eating habits. He lost rapid weight although he was born healthy and weighed 3.5kg. As a single mother of three boys, it was one of the most challenging phases of her life. She faced threats from nurses and was almost reported to social services.

For the duration of the course, she received clarity on the importance of child development and support. This shaped her beliefs towards food having a massive impact on children’s behavioural, intellectual and physical development.

Now more than ever, Liann expresses the need for a child to implement healthy eating habits in order to maximize their full potential in all areas of development. She understands the importance of being healthy from the inside out. Through active listening and less judgment, she seeks to help other parents in similar situations make better decisions. Liann is emphatic and optimistic about proffering amazing solutions for optimum and desirable results.