Henrietta Bledman

Certified Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

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Henrietta Bledman has almost 30 years of international and national leadership experience, including more than 20 years as an international civil servant. She is particularly talented at providing strategic management and coordination of intergovernmental meetings and conferences, Administration and Operations.

A cancer survivor, Henrietta has a passion for educating and inspiring people to live healthier lifestyles in mind, body and spirit, and is dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing, particularly among women.  She is a practicing Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and is one of the Directors of Evexía By Design, a health coach practitioner collaborative passionate about supporting the process of improving and enhancing the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, of those who are ready and willing to make healthier life-style choices.

Henrietta reading for a Masters degree in Public Administration from Roehampton University in the UK, where she is currently examining the factors that support or impede the implementation of policies that address violence against women and girls. She also holds an Associate degree in Business Communications from the Cambridge University in the UK and a Masters certification in Human Resource Management from Villanova University in the USA.

Henrietta is married and the proud mother of three adult children.