Cheryl Gunraj

Certified Child and Brain Development Nutritional Advisor

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Cheryl is a qualified Advanced Gut Restoration Advisor and Christian mentor.

She is passionate about good food, great coffee, the beauty of nature, and spending time ministering to people. She also enjoys biking and long walks.

Cheryl’s main focus is to use food as medicine and work with my clients to help them incorporate practical and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle changes into their everyday lives to achieve optimal health and well-being. She uses her coaching skills and experience to help her clients achieve their health and lifestyle easily.

She is particularly interested in the connection between the gut and the brain (known as the gut-brain axis), and as a result, her expertise is largely focused on gut health (eg. IBS-type symptoms, gut dysbiosis and leaky gut). With clients, she explores the link between the gut and the brain, and how their health and functionality relate to what they eat and drink, how they move, their mindset, and the relationships they form with themselves and others.