About Us

Our Vision

Empowerment for the holistic transformation of health and well-being, changing and saving one life at a time.

Our Mission

To provide support for building long-term healthy habits and behaviors, towards lasting changes and improved health and well-being for life.

What We Do

About Ev̱exía by Design

Our health practitioners are certified and supported by internationally recognised and reputable science-based institutes including the Health Sciences Academy, the International Institute for Complementary Therapists, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and more.

Areas of focus include nutritional therapy, lifestyle medicine, gut restoration nutrition, clinical weight loss fertility, detoxification and nutrition and cellular health to name a few.

We have partnered with other professional health services, like medical doctors, medical laboratory for services like blood tests, etc. Our health coaches can partner with your doctor as needed, to support the necessary lifestyle changes.

Chronic diseases are the leading cause of death and disability worldwide. Many of the prominent chronic diseases are linked by common and preventable biological risk factors and related behavioural risk factors (e.g unhealthy diet and lack of physical inactivity). Studies have shown for example that stress is responsible for 70% of doctor visits, and inflammation is shown to be at the root of 80% of diseases. Furthermore, the pharmaceutical industry seems to focus mainly on symptom management rather than prevention and cure. Lifestyle changes have been shown to prevent and even alleviate disease. Most persons desire to be healthy but are not sure how, or where to start.

Eṿexía By Design is a health coach practitioners’ collaborative that focuses on the whole person. Understanding that individuals are more likely to make better lifestyle choices if they receive the support necessary to do so, our coaches take a holistic approach to supporting clients for the improvement of their health and well-being (mind, body and spirit). The company was founded in September 2021 by four health coach practitioners with a passion for helping individuals to make healthier lifestyle choices and thereby contributing to a strong and healthier life.

Meet Our Team

Our Board of Directors and Management Team covers three continents around the world, transforming lives with the gospel of health and wellness.

Our Areas Specialisations

Are you ready to see your health and wellness improved? We have you covered. Whatever challenges you may be experiencing, our team of practitioners stands ready to support you on your health and wellness transformation journey.


Nutritional Therapy

Bio-individual approach to nutrition and lifestyle medicine that tackles potential underlying causes of ill-health, rather than simply the symptoms.


Health Coaching

A Health Coach gives you the knowledge and confidence needed to become proactive in maximising your personal well-being and overall health.


Gut Restoration

Works with you to build personalised gut restoration programs to reduce unwanted gastrointestinal symptoms and maximise your wellbeing.


Child Development

Child & Brain Development equips you with the tools and knowledge to better mange your child's physical, emotional and intellectual development with nutrition


Fertility Support

Fertility Advisor works with you and your partner in significantly improving fertility odds through nutrition and lifestyle changes.


Lifestyle Medicine

Our Lifestyle Medicine Coach partners with your doctor to support you in recovering from or better managing a chronic disease and improve your quality of life.


Body Detox

Clinical Detoxification provides you and your family with safe and science-based strategies, and programs to detoxify your physical body


Clinical Weight Loss

Clinical Weight Loss is safe and science-based personalised program to help you lose weight and overcome food addiction.


Learning Center

Our Learning Center provides you with a wide array of programs and learning resources to equip you to live a healthier and happier life.

Our Accreditations

All our Health Practitioners are fully trained and certified in their respective areas of expertise.